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About Us

In 1950, Tom Lawrence founded one of the first management consulting firms in the nation. For over five decades, the firm has established a reputation for integrity and skill, helping hundreds of smaller firms and not-for-profit organizations improve their management and achieve success. Trade associations and professional societies have been important clients throughout our history. In 1988, Tom Lawrence was the first Management Consultant to be honored by ASAE with its Distinguished Contribution Award. Lawrence-Leiter and Company serves trade associations, professional societies, small and medium-size businesses with a focus on management, organization, strategy and planning.

Located in suburban Kansas City, the firm conducts a nationwide practice. Our approach is pragmatic, low-key, client-centered and free of gimmicks. We assist clients to carefully analyze where they are now, help them determine where they want to go, and develop the strategies and plans to get there.


David R. Bywaters, CMC

David R. Bywaters has been with Lawrence-Leiter and Company for over 25 years as Consultant, Vice President, and is currently President. He directs studies involving market analysis, member surveys, long-range planning, financial planning and operations analysis for volunteer and non-profit organizations. Read Entire Bio

R. David Domsch

David Domsch is Vice President of Lawrence-Leiter and Company, specializing in strategy development, planning and marketing, and the research needed to do those jobs well. Read Entire Bio