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Management Consulting Services

Tailored Research, Analysis and Recommendations

Primary and secondary research helps leaders understand the external and internal changes that create problems or influence future success. Working closely with client management we identify what is known, what additional information is needed, what resources are available, and build a work plan accordingly. We also assist with objective analysis of finances, resource utilization, people, structure and systems. A low-key approach minimizes staff concerns.

Membership (Customer) Research

Needs and satisfaction surveys, attitude and opinion assessments can be done on-line or by in-depth phone interviews. Research may focus on leaders, centers of influence, member (customer) segments, former members (customers) or prospects.

Strategy and Planning

Strategy workshops assist leaders to understand both the internal and external situation in depth, producing strategies and objectives to move the organization forward. Board and senior staff work together to reach consensus on key issues, priorities and resource allocation. Proceedings are carefully documented and provide guidance for years.

Detailed plans that assign responsibility, set schedules and commit resources to reach those objectives can be developed in a workshop or as a subsequent step, depending on the situation.

Governance and Board Analysis

An effective governance system is crucial in all organizations. Board selection processes, composition, skills, delegation and monitoring systems, committee charters, board meeting content and deliberations can often be improved to make governance more effective.

Additional Services

  • Business Valuation
  • Executive Coaching
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Succession Planning
  • Key Employee Screening
  • Scenario Development